Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Go to www.theframersmarket.com to order prints or paintings from the gallery.


  1. Thank you Ray for sharing your story. I heard it today while putting the finishing touches on a rustic basket. You encouraged me to think of myself as an artist, because that's how I take in the world and express myself -- as an artist. I've had people say the same thing to me when they see my pastels, or prints, or baskets. What are you doing here? or why are you working here? I don't see myself as a 'serious' artist. I live not too far from South Hill, in Nottoway County where I share a farm with my elderly parents. I look forward to seeing more of your work, and maybe one day we'll cross paths. Best wishes to you.

    Deborah Carrington

  2. Hi Ray,
    I heard your story on the radio and looked forward to seeing your paintings. Thanks for posting them. I like them a lot. I enjoy your use of color and the compositions are strong.
    Keep painting!

    Chris Conner

  3. I really enjoyed hearing your story today as I drove through Raleigh on my way to Greenville. Your paintings are wonderful! God bless you!

  4. Hi Ray,
    It was great to hear your story. I was listening to it while in my basement pottery shop making berry bowls, and it was really inspiring to hear about you and your work while I was working on my art. I love your pictures, I hope to see them in person some day!

  5. Hi Ray, I thank you & Janet for sharing your story & your gift. I appreciate your willingness to be discovered, it brings to those who heard your story & now who see your art, joy. I will order a painting & with delight hang it in my home in Oklahoma. Kim

  6. Very, very good!

    They're beautiful.

    Neil. Silver Spring, MD

  7. I am floored by what a small world this is. I heard bits of The Story on Ray Matthews and Janet Hubbard on the 15th and have just now read the details at the NPR site. Though it would have been darn-near impossible to make it to the opening reception last night I will be by to see what other memories of Mecklenburg County you have painted. I live only about a mile from the gallery, as a matter of fact.

    My parents were both from Norlina, NC, about 20 minutes from South Hill and when I was old enough to start school, we moved to South Hill where it is very likely that I was in the same elementary school withyou, Ray, though I don't remember you. I'm 55 so may have been a year ahead. In 1965, we moved to Bracey(on Lake Gaston) and I finished grade school in LaCrosse.

    The Hubbard and Matthews names are very familiar to me from my childhood and I am so curious to know if you & Janet are the children of friends of my parents, Buck and Juel Duke.

    As another coincidence, I was the folk art buyer(for the retail stores) for Colonial Williamsburg for a few years but I had an awareness and appreciation of folk art long before that, thanks to my father.

    Juel Duke, Jr (aka Peedy, PDB or Juel D. as a child)