Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

I sat down last night and read all the comments you wrote to this site and to Ray's email (, and was as moved by those as you were by our interview. Thank you, thank you. It was also wonderful to hear from people I have not connected with in years. (On that note, I wonder if the anthropologist who was at the opening is still checking into this website. If so, please email me at Ray's.)

A friend of Ray's has uploaded a lot of new photographs of his paintings onto this site, so please go to PRINTS and scroll down. The dimensions of each work will be added by Monday, April 26th. (This is definitely a learning curve.) Ray and I hope that we have priced the paintings so that with a tiny stretch most of you will find them affordable. (The photographs do not do justice to the brilliant colors.)

If you want a PRINT, and it is not listed as a print, please email Ray Mary Ann Steinis and let her know which ones interest you, and we can easily have that particular made into a print. It might take two to three weeks to ship, as these will be printed to order.

Prints can be shipped framed (by Mary Anne) or rolled up and sent. Also, you will see that some of the oils were framed for the exhibit and look fantastic. The framing done at Framer's Art and Gallery is exceptional. ( I will write about the art of framing in another blog.

Ray is painting every day now, and if you want to see new works, please send him an email, and I will get photos to you. We would appreciate your comments on which paintings speak to you.

The goal remains to get Ray and his mom Rose into a more comfortable living situation, which I am investigating. Ray's dream is to have a computer, and we hope that in the future that will be possible.

I'll be back soon. Enjoy browsing original and prints under "Prints." To turn the music off, hit the far left part of the bar.

Keep those comments coming! We are learning from you!


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  1. I listen to "The Story" regularly, but was out of town last week, so missed it. When I came back, I found it in my podcasts and listened, deeply moved, by Jan's generosity and by Ray's beautiful equanimity and perseverence. I am an artist too, and connected immediately with Ray, and with his painting. After I listened, I immediately went looking for Ray's work on the net. It sometimes takes a patron or angel like Jan to create a way for the world's eyes to become aware of this kind of beauty among us. Thank you, Jan, and thank you, Ray, for being true to yourself.